it's easy to order a CARICATOONS caricature cartoon.

Step one - Review the examples on the GIFT CARICATURE page to see what CARICATOONS can offer you.


Step two - Ensure you have a few good pictures of your subject (three is good) that clearly shows the subjects personality. A clear picture of the subjects eyes are necessary to achieve the best likeness.

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Step three - Decide what details you'd like in the drawing. People connect more with the drawing when you choose details that tell a story, such as hobbies, sports, or a comical event from their past. The best comments that I have received have come from drawings that included a lot of personal details.

Step four - Determine how you would like to receive your drawing. You can receive your drawing by e-mail (or dropbox) and print it out yourself (works best on photo-paper), have it shipped to you (shipping charges will apply) or if you live in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, you can pick it up at my studio.

Step five - How big do you want the drawing? 11X14 is a great size because you can get quality pre-made frames (a 16X20 frame with a 11X14 matte) relatively cheap. If you are going to receive your drawing by email or dropbox, I'll need to know what size of paper you are going to be printing it on or what size of frame you are going to use.

Step six - Go to the contact page and e-mail or phone the artist to inquire about a CARICATOONS gift drawing. This would be the best time to ask any questions that you may have.

Step seven - Send all pics by e-mail with details.

Step eight - prepare to be amazed :-)